A right hander which breaks over a shallow and very live reef, Suicides is best surfed on a high tide. Those who aren't lured too far up the reef by an enticing, yet unmakeable section, can negotiate a steep takeoff straight into a barrel before coming through to the next section and chance for a couple of turns as the wave fattens out into the channel.

Good option for some fun on small days Only a short ride from Togat Nusa, Seven Palms peels off along the reef in front of a scenic limestone coved beach. The wave tends to close out when the swell gets too big so is generally saved for a bit of a change on those smaller days. It is a fun, rippable wave capable of throwing out the odd barrel. Suitable to surfers of any skill level, those looking for more of a challenge can push themselves further up the reef to a sometimes makable faster barrel section.

Rarely a day goes by when there isn't some form of surfeable wave at this swell magnet An average day at icelands will see a steepish takeoff, followed by a shorter ride with opportunity for a couple of turns and the occasional barrel.
However, it is once a big W-SW swell hits that Icelands truly starts to show itself, transforming from a small swell go to spot into somewhat of a beast. A powerful left, the takeoff is steep, as the wave jacks quickly out of deep water throwing out a heaving barrel, for anyone who has what it takes..... (maybe a bigger board?) to paddle over the lip and into it!

Your New Frontyard - A long lefthander wraps around the front of the Island for rides of up to 200 yards. Picking up most available swell and surfeable on any tide, and at any size, Scarecrows is one of the most consistent breaks in the Mentawais. A wave of many moods depending on swell size and direction, the length of the wave ensures a little of everything is on offer. On a good day out front a surfer will find, open faces perfect for carving, long racing walls and multiple barrel sections...sometimes all on the one wave! A fun wave, suitable to surfers of all abilities and skill levels. The reef here is deep by Mentawai standards, though the inside "Curry Bowl" section can get shallow and challenging at low tide, rewarding those who commit with a more intense barrel!
The Mentawai Islands are world renowned by surfers, not only for the quality of waves on offer here, but also for its consistency as a surf zone.

Surfeable year round, it is the southern hemisphere winter, from April through to October that sees the peak of the season, as storm activity in the southern Indian Ocean pushes swell after swell up towards the Island chain.

Situated on Pitojat Island, off the northern end of Sipora Island, guests to Togat Nusa Retreat have access to a number of quality breaks, all within a short boat ride of the Island...

We have compiled a brief glimpse of five well-known surf spots near Togat Nusa Retreat with many more secrets around us!

When its on this long lefthander would have to rank up there with as fun of a wave to be found anywhere.
Requiring a more specific swell direction, Teles is not as consistent as some of our other spots but, once the swell direction is good and lines start wrapping around into the bay at Mapadegat, it really is a sight to be seen. Long rides of over 200 meters are possible, as predictable section after section offer ample opportunities to whack, hack and pull in! Considering the quality of wave, Teles is quite forgiving, the reef here is relatively deep, though the wave should definitely not be taken too lightly. Big swells see large sets breaking further up the reef as barrels reel quickly down the line and into the regular takeoff zone, slowing down briefly before walling up and concentrating again on the inside tube section.

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Guest Reviews

Zani Roberts

The word "paradise" was defined for me in June 2010.I came to Togat Nusa Retreat with my girlfriend, Erin. Neither of us are surfers (although we like to think that we will be one day) but it was the boys who were here to surf. We just came for the sun. (or so we thought.)

Sitting on the pristine sand in front of what we lovingly named "The Driftwood Castle" on the island... Iwrote this poem watching the waves roll in and out one evening:

The cycle that consumes me....
This compressed emotion finally screamed out in turquoise waves
A frothing aftermath that rolls forward to kiss the untouched white sand where I sit like the Buddha. The eternal witness.
Not a single imprint from a foot in sight
Until I zoom in and find lessons from a hermit crab
I find that in fact, millions of footprints sprinkle this beach
Shells moving. Camouflaged white sand crabs scuttle sideways towards the water. My gurus, the hermit crabs cruising by me.
The weight of these soft serve swirly ice cream cone shells carried by tiny bodies
Bodies that yearn to move forward though they don't know why.
There is no final destination
Just a desire to forge new tracks in the sand
To persevere without destination
Walking a path without knowing quite where it leads
Bravery and courage
And a tear timidly leaves my eye stuttering along my sun-kissed cheek as it rolls earthward
The sun yawns and starts to think about descending for the night behind this endless blanket of blue laid out before me
And I am held.

I don't know exactly what brought me to Togat Nusa Retreat but there I was.
it was worth every single moment of the long journey from LA and I am so eternally grateful for the experience. From practicing yoga on the sand... to scuba diving ten steps away from my bed... I was so inspired. All I wanted to do was write, and draw, and paint, and sing and I don't know that I have ever truly been happier then I was on the island.

I dream about going back there almost every night.

Shala Kelaka
Beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear tropical ocean, great food, friendly staff, and a comfortable artistic accommodations make Togat Nusa Retreat Heaven on earth! A truly relaxing and inspiring sanctuary with amazing surroundings!

Jennifer Cogswell
The snorkeling around Togat Nusa is beautiful, on one trip I saw a school of 6 spotted eagle rays! Afterwards I got to lounge on my own white sand beach and watch the sunset. Then it was time for a dinner of gormet island cuisine at the beachside restaurant. Thank you Togat Nusa for an amazing time!

Yuko Suzuki
I had my 31st birthday at Togat Nusa Retreat.
"Crazy hat party"
Every body created own hat from things only found on the beach.
Daaaaamn, it was sooo fun.
Memories were made that will stay with me the rest of my life.
I only wish i could still be in "Toga Nusa Retreat"
Thank you and Love you guys...

Belinda Baggs
Over the past year I was lucky enough to clock up some serious hours on the spectacular island of john and ainsley's. Waking up in the serene jungle setting, birds singing up the sun. Breakfast overlooking a perfect left, and rushing out to find myself out there alone wave after wave for hours on end! ahhhh, barrels and surfing till u cant surf no more!!! then when your arms turn to jelly snorkeling over the most breath-taking underwater garden of corals and tropical fish..... watching the sunset during a relaxing walk/ shell collecting around the island.... the perfect life and perfect holiday! John and ainz and all the wonderful mentawaii people thankyou for sharing your amazing world!

Paradise found!! 
I ventured to TNR last year not really knowing what to expect, and what I found is my idea of paradise. A remote tropical island, fringed with the most perfectly clear water I've ever seen - which happens to pop up all around the island as the most perfect surf.  With way more staff than guests, the hospitality, the service, the food - it was all outstanding and made us feel like we were at home - albeit, the home you would dream about!! Where the hardest decision you need to make is surf, sleep, play or eat.... We scored perfect waves, met new friends, and most of all found paradise... See you guys next season...


Togat Nusa Retreat
We invite you to come and make yourself at home