Nourish the body, mind and soul

Here at Togat Nusa we offer yoga daily and everyone knows how beneficial that can be for your surfing. Endurance, strength, timing, flow, and balance can all be improved with a simple daily asana(physical stretching with awareness) practice. Most injuries in surfing occur from tight muscles, stiffness in the joints, and imbalances. A yoga or stretching routine is vital to staying healthy and injury free.

Yoga was originally designed to help people purify the mind and body and get in touch with the soul. And although many people practice asanas for only physical health, they are primarily intended to prepare the body to sit quietly for meditation. Some surfers say that after an epic session surfing perfect waves they have experienced feelings of euphoria and extreme natural highs, similar to yogic states of deep meditation, becoming totally absorbed in the joy and the power of nature.

Yoga and Surfing

Yoga and surfing are one in the same. feeling a union with something bigger then yourself. Feeling the flow and the rhythm of the ocean. With todays “commercial surf culture” its important to take a more yogic outlook on surfing. Creating a deeper meaning and awareness of just how wondrous being in the ocean and riding waves can be.