Looking out over a turquoise lagoon at back of of the island

Life at the beach

Barefoot , salty and smiling

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Ringed by beautiful white sand beach, the 12 hectare island can be circumnavigated in just half an hour …


Four traditionally inspired Bungalows, each uniquely designed and built using recycled timbers and driftwood.

Total of 8 guests on the island

Built using recycled timbers and driftwood

We have three bungalows for a total 7 / 8 guests on the island at one time.

1- Bungalow one was the first bungalows built, has 2 king size beds, an outdoor shower (you can shower under the stars).
2 - The Honeymoon suit has 2 king size bed. It is at the end of the trail and is very private, great for midnight swims
3 - The family bungalow has 3 separate rooms with 2 bathrooms and each private room has a king size bed that can be exchanged to 2 singles, to sleep 3 or 4 people depending on the needs of the guests .

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Private bathrooms with running hot water

Funky interior design incorporates hand built custom furniture

Each bungalow also has fans to help stay cool. Using local Mentawai builders, under the guidance of John E Ocean, Togat Nusa Retreat maximizes its local surroundings and functions as a partial eco- resort, yet still delivers a very high standard of accommodations and personal space.

A surf retreat and his masterpiece

Hand crafting wood into bungalows

John has been building for 28 years, first in Hawaii and the last 10 years have been spent salvaging local hardwoods in the Mentawai Islands off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.



We are a remote island in the Indian Ocean. However, we are connected to the rest of the world via 4G cell signal available on the east side of the island.

You will be provided with a mobile router equip with a local SIM and data upon arrival.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • bandwidth is at times limited, if you love to unwind your day with some Netflix or Prime, we recommend you download shows to your device before arrival.
  • Streaming services like Spotify won’t be as enjoyable as having your favourite playlist on your device to access whenever you want.
  • Connectivity can vary depending on weather, and regular mobile calls often work better than WhatsApp or FaceTime – make sure to get an international roaming package with your mobile provider.
  • Having a hard drive with your music, movies & TV shows not only allows you flexibility in enjoying them wherever you are on paradise island, it also ensures you and other guests can check your emails or social media with ease.
  • Indonesian ISPs blocks many websites you might be used to accessing with ease from home, this is just how it is. Get your Reddit fix before arrival!

Or perhaps you’re looking to unplug from all if it while here. The Mentawai Islands are an excellent location to reset from the internet dependency of our modern world, and reconnect with nature and the people around you!


Four traditionally inspired Bungalows, each uniquely designed and built using recycled timbers and driftwood.

We stock a variety of beers and spirits

Built entirely out of recycled timber

Influenced by the design of traditional Mentawai Umas, The bar has been built with the owner/builder’s (John E Ocean} artistic flare and creativity in design – shining through in its rustic styling, making this spectacular piece of craftsmanship, truly a one of a kind.

Another perfect day in paradise

Cold beverages and sunsets

Built entirely out of recycled timber, and driftwood collected from the surrounding beaches, the high pitched sago palm thatched roof is supported by a centre beam made from the trunk of a massive coconut tree. Crossbeams and supports with branches and root systems still intact protrude from the walls, creating shelves for our quality sound system, lights and ornaments.

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Our experienced Indonesian chef combines traditional and western recipes to create the most delicious meals.

For early birds there is fruit , yogurt and home made granola, coffee and tea

Traditional and western recipes

With an emphasis on locally sourced fresh meats, fish, fruit and vegetables as well as home baked breads and pastries, Our experienced Indonesian chef combines traditional and western recipes to create the most delicious meals.

You can order what you like

Omelettes, pancakes, French toast with home made bread, Bacon and eggs.

Lunches and Dinners are served buffet style pizza, burritos, pasta, curries, some Indonesian dishes, ren dang, lumpias, soto ayam, fresh fish,roast chicken, fresh salads, home made cakes ,donuts and fresh fruits for desserts.

You will be given a large aqua bottle you can refill in the restaurant.

Food allergies and special dietry requirements are not a problem but should be specified before yours arrival to ensure we are prepared. Please also inform us of any birthdays or special occasions during your stay so we can help to make them extra special.

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Our activities are varied and include beach combing, fishing, snorkelling, surfing, swimming, yoga, take a local sampan/canoe for a paddle and much more.

Bonfires and sunsets? Yep

Go snorkeling around the reef ...


Our drivers are experienced boatmen, growing up in the islands and around boats all their lives, it is impressive to watch the way they manoeuvre these big logs around. 

Traditional dug out canoe

Daily transport to optimal surf breaks are included

Powered by two 40 horsepower Yamaha engines will transfer you safely to and from the surf at speeds of up to 20 knots. Built locally, this style of boat is designed for travel in local waters and, whilst the ride can sometimes be a little wet, the length and shape of the hull helps it too cut efficiently through the surf for a smoother ride than a western style speedboat.

Daily transport to optimal surf breaks are included

All about the Boat times

9m aluminum speedboat with a cabin ,powered by 2 x 200 hp suzuki engines, equipped with gps , radio and safetly equippment , used for around the neighborhood surf adventures which is included, or if guests are interested in exploring the playgrounds or katiet area, it is a daily rate of $400 usd for up to 8 guests. As well as carrying all the required safety gear, the boat has a cooler with cool drinks. has a large roof and padded seats with backrests, ensuring guests are comfortable and protected from the sun during travel and when sitting in the boat shooting photos or taking breaks between sessions.

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Local Climate

The local climate is considered tropical, hot, and humid with a temperature range between 70 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 – 32 degrees Celsius.

it's easy to feel the charm of existence in this spot.

Warm Water

The water temperature is always around 80 degrees (27 degrees Celsius) no matter what time of year you visit.

The dry season in this area spans from February to September and the wet season typically occurs between October – January. At any time of the year however expect regular rainfall in short intervals – heavy at times.

Lush Tropical Jungle

The local landscape is dense, tropical forest with four main islands and dozens of auxiliary islands – sprinkled with a few main coastal villages throughout.

Local winds surrounding the retreat are variable throughout most of the year but occasionally go through intermittent periods of storminess, called “Badai’s”. Togat Nusa Retreat lies exactly 1 degree below the Equator and as a result is not influenced by the steady easterly trade winds often associated with the rest of Indonesia.