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Surfing & Yoga in Paradise

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The people behind Togat Nusa Retreat: John and Ainsley Ocean, and Pak Bangun.

Story of The Founders

We find our selves on a 12-hectare island in the Mentawai’ Islands, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. How did we get here?

John's Architecture

By Ainsley Ocean

Are we ever prepared? We make plans, but what we have learned is that they almost never work out the way you think. We can plan the process with perfect precision, but we will find that the outcome will always be different. Through learning this, we have become accustomed to thankfulness and appreciation for what we have. We now see our blessings with the knowledge that it could all change tomorrow.

We now find our selves on a 12-hectare island in the Mentawai Islands, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. How did we get here you ask? Planes, cars, boats, smiles, tears and many hard learned lessons.

As a child, John doodled an island with a grass hut, a coconut tree, perfect waves, a sailboat, and a dolphin jumping. A doodle created by most surfers, ocean lovers, and sea people. In John's case, he held on to this image until it became our reality.

John Price is a one of a kind person. He is patient, compassionate, and graceful. He speaks quietly and not very much, but when he does it’s always worth listening to. Day to day, you can find him getting barreled, making the locals laugh, building, or brewing ginger beer. He has shared his skills of carpentry, surfing, and gardening with the local community, and now has a team of hardworking Mentawai locals to assist with construction and maintenance of the retreat.

When you walk into something he has built, you will feel the craftsmanship and love that went into the building process. The restaurant and common area on Togat Nusa is an example of that. When visiting the island, you will find yourself discovering little details of this craftsmanship and attention to detail in your private bungalow, in the restaurant, and in other structures throughout the island.

Read up on John and Ainsley Ocean in the “Oceans of Pitojat” in the Issue 20.2 of TSJ, and “Go Deeper” with them when you’re done with that.
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Togat Nusa Videos

Aerial footage of the island, interviews, surfing, and more

Aerial Footage 2:03

Watch some drone footage of the island and around Togat Nusa Retreat.

Local Style 3:01

Local Style : Surf Pioneer John Ocean in Indonesia, Episode 8

Local Style 3:26

Local Style – Mentawai Paradise at Togat Nusa, Indonesia, Episode 10

Guest Reviews

Read what some of our guests had to say about their experience at Togat Nusa Surf Retreat.

I ventured to TNR last year not really knowing what to expect, and what I found is my idea of paradise. A remote tropical island, fringed with the most perfectly clear water I’ve ever seen – which happens to pop up all around the island as the most perfect surf. With way more staff than guests, the hospitality, the service, the food – it was all outstanding and made us feel like we were at home – albeit, the home you would dream about!! Where the hardest decision you need to make is surf, sleep, play or eat…. We scored perfect waves, met new friends, and most of all found paradise… See you guys next season…


Beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear tropical ocean, great food, friendly staff, and a comfortable artistic accommodations make Togat Nusa Retreat Heaven on earth! A truly relaxing and inspiring sanctuary with amazing surroundings!

Shala Kelaka

I had my 31st birthday at Togat Nusa Retreat.
“Crazy hat party”
Every body created own hat from things only found on the beach.
Daaaaamn, it was sooo fun.
Memories were made that will stay with me the rest of my life.
I only wish i could still be in “Toga Nusa Retreat”
Thank you and Love you guys…

Yuko Suzuki

Over the past year I was lucky enough to clock up some serious hours on the spectacular island of john and ainsley’s. Waking up in the serene jungle setting, birds singing up the sun. Breakfast overlooking a perfect left, and rushing out to find myself out there alone wave after wave for hours on end! ahhhh, barrels and surfing till u cant surf no more!!! Then when your arms turn to jelly snorkeling over the most breath-taking underwater garden of corals and tropical fish….. watching the sunset during a relaxing walk/ shell collecting around the island…. the perfect life and perfect holiday! John and Ainz and all the wonderful mentawai people, thank you for sharing your amazing world!

Belinda Baggs

The snorkeling around Togat Nusa is beautiful, on one trip I saw a school of 6 spotted eagle rays! Afterwards I got to lounge on my own white sand beach and watch the sunset. Then it was time for a dinner of gormet island cuisine at the beachside restaurant. Thank you Togat Nusa for an amazing time!

Jennifer Cogswell