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The Mentawai Islands

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Wave Abundance

Guests to Togat Nusa Retreat have access to a number of quality breaks, all within a short boat ride of the Island. Situated on Pitojat Island, off the northern end of Sipora Island, guests to Togat Nusa Retreat have access to a number of quality breaks, all within a short boat ride of the Island.

Be in a tropical state of mind

Surfeable year round

We have compiled a brief glimpse of five well-known surf spots near Togat Nusa Retreat with many more secrets around us.

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Be in a tropical state of mind

Surf and Yoga

Yoga and surfing are one in the same. feeling a union with something bigger then yourself. Feeling the flow and the rhythm of the ocean. With todays “commercial surf culture” its important to take a more yogic outlook on surfing. Creating a deeper meaning and awareness of just how wondrous being in the ocean and riding waves can be.

The best place is your happy place

Eat more Plants. Do more Yoga

Here at Togat Nusa we offer yoga daily and everyone knows how beneficial that can be for your surfing. Endurance, strength, timing, flow, and balance can all be improved with a simple daily asana(physical stretching with awareness) practice. Most injuries in surfing occur from tight muscles, stiffness in the joints, and imbalances. A yoga or stretching routine is vital to staying healthy and injury free.

Make memories

Photographer information and packages at the resort

In general, the photographer will take photos, videos and drone shots of everybody during multiple surf sessions. However, if you really don’t want to miss out on those paradise shots we recommend booking a photo & video package at the beginning of your trip.

By doing so the photographer knows to look out for you in the lineup and will give priority to whoever booked the package. A package contains footage shot over your stay with us.

Important Information:

If you pre-book a photo & video package they will try to shoot at least 70% of the sessions in your trip, If the weather and conditions allow us to do so. Keep in mind the photographer will join the boat that holds the majority of surfers that pre-book the package. If you did not pre-book the package in advance but we end up getting some shots you can still purchase the full package or you can buy the pictures at $30 USD pre photo and $40USD for videos

If, For some reason, it was not possible to shoot enough content to satisfy you, for example you get injured or decide to surf at locations where the photog was not present, or different time then the rest of the group our photographer/management will do it’s best to help you find a fair compromise and solution on case by case basis. Please bring your own USB.

Standard package

  • $270 USD Raw photos & videos
  • $350 USD Best 20-40 shots edited, Raw videos, Video edit 3-5 minute with music

Performance surfing coaching package

  • $450 USD
  • Everyday coaching tips
  • Video & photo Analysis
  • Support in the line up
  • Visualize and understand how to improve
  • How to read the ocean
  • All Raw photos & videos
  • Video edit 3-5 minute with music