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Please read our travel advice & tips and get in touch if you have any questions.

Flight and Ferry Info

Please note: we do not help with airline tickets

U.S.A Flights

Togat Nusa Retreat recommends Oceanview Travel in San Clemente to handle all of our guest’s flight arrangements. The person you need to speak to over there is the owner, Jeff Samuelson; Jeff has handled flight arrangements for literally hundreds upon hundreds of Indonesian travelers and is uniquely qualified to help you out as well.
If you don’t have time to deal with setting up your flight arrangements Togat Nusa Retreat will be happy to coordinate all of your flight arrangements for you.

Oceanview Travel
629 Camino De Los Mares Suite 101
San Clemente, Ca 92673
E-mail: oceanviewtravel629@yahoo.com
Local # (949) 493-5231
FAX # (949) 493-2770

International Flights

For Australian and New Zealand surfers contact Shaun Levings:
World Surfaris Pty Ltd
PO Box 180, 2/174 Brisbane Road – Moolooaba Qld 4557, Australia
Phone: + 617 5444 4011
Fax: + 617 5444 4911
Email: shaun@worldsurfaris.com
Website: ww.worldsurfaris.com

For South African surfers please contact Michele Kapilevich:

True Blue Adventure Travel
102 Northway, Durban North 4051, Kwazulu, Natal
Phone +27-31-573-2171
E-mail: michele@truebluetravel.co.za
Website: http://www.truebluetravel.co.za

Travel Itinerary

In 2017 we have adopted a minimum 10 night/11 day schedule. Our schedule can accommodate up to 8 people for each group .Guests will need to arrive the day before their trip date as departure is first thing in the morning the first day of their trip , On return another night in Padang is recommended .All transfers from arrival at the airport out to the island and back are included in your package . The main advantage of visiting our retreat is our limited occupancy while our standard trip is all inclusive and includes your accommodation, food, most drinks, and transport to the waves and activities around our island.

Ferry Info

We are using the Mentawai Fast ferry for transfers from Padang, It takes about 3.5 hours. See their website for more info.

Spending a night on arrival in Padang is mandatory, Guest must arrive in Padang the day before their trip dates.

On the last day of your Trip, you leave Togat around 13:30. The ferry leaves at 15:00 and arrives in Padang 18:30 – 19:00.

Other contacts

Get in touch with Joey Melroy for all you ticket needs.

Please feel free to contact Jeff if you are originating Canada, Central America, South America, Japan, or Europe as well.

Before your trip

Overall the trip is almost as simple as showing up at Padang airport, there you’ll be met by a Togat Nusa employee who will guide you through the last leg of your journey, arriving at Togat Nusa Retreat and finding good waves and immerse yourself in our unique retreat.

How do I get to Indonesia?

We recommend that you travel to Padang in Sumatra (port of departure) via Jakarta.

We can assist with bookings for your international flights, your air ticket to Padang, and any necessary overnight accommodations.

Our crew and ground staff will meet you at the airport in Padang on arrival and make arrangements to transfer you to the resort by Mentawai fast ferry.

How do I get home?

In 2017 we have adopted a schedule of 10 ,11, 12 or day trips. Our schedule can accommodate up to 8 guests unless otherwise organized.

What do I do about my Flight Arrangements?

Togat Nusa Retreat recommends Oceanview Travel to handle all of our guests air transportation issues for our United States based customers. International customers please contact your local travel agency. Whether you have frequent flier miles you’d like to use or simply book your flight to the Mentawais or beyond, Oceanview Travel can take care of you better than anyone – please ask for Jeff Samuelson.

Oceanview Travel
629 Camino de los Mares Suite 101
San Clemente, Ca 92673
Local: 949.493.5231
FAX: 949.493.2770
Contact Name: Jeff Samuelson

Where should I stay if I have an extra night on land? In Singapore, Padang, Jakarta?

This answer depends on where you have to stay for that extra night. Quite simply we suggest the following options:

Singapore: In Singapore we recommend using the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel – “The Roxy”. The Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel is a world away from Singapore’s hustle, yet just 10 minutes from key locations such as the city centre, Changi International Airport and Singapore Expo, It is located on the East Coast of Singapore on Marine Parade Road Road, opposite Parkway Parade Shopping Centre and within walking distance to East Coast Recreation Park. Pricing available on their website. If you don’t have enough time to leave the airport there is a “Transit hotel” inside the airport that works quite well. http://www.airport-hotel.com.sg/

Jakarta: In Jakarta we recommend using the Sheraton Bandara Hotel. Just three kilometers from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, the Sheraton Bandara Hotel offers a unique, five-star, resort-style experience. We’re in the heart of the thriving, cultural metropolis of Indonesia, just a short drive from Jakarta’s central business district. The city’s energy is close by, but the tranquil countryside that surrounds us makes it feel miles away. Blending an international ambience with local contemporary culture, our décor combines modern and traditional wooden furniture with soft colored fabrics and a wide selection of arts and crafts. Our 220 fully soundproof guest rooms provide wonderful views of the garden or lake as well as High Speed Internet Access. For under $100/night you can stay at a very upscale hotel, 5 minutes from the airport… best of all they pick you up at your gate upon arrival to eliminate any confusion. Click here to find out more information about the Sheraton Bandara.

What types of services and amenities are available at the retreat?

Please refer to the “Retreat Features” section to see a detailed list of what Togat Nusa Retreat has to offer!

What type of health precautions should I take?

  1. Most travelers usually update their tetanus and hepatitis shots before traveling to any remote region of the world.
  2. Malaria is a reality in some parts of Indonesia including the Mentawai Islands; consult your doctor for more information.
  3. If you take a prescription medication make sure you bring the necessary paperwork that goes with it in case of an emergency.
  4. If you are prone to seasickness please bring something to counteract its effects such as dramamine or bonine.
  5. For more information please consult your doctor.

What do you suggest I pack for my trip?

The best advice when packing for a surf trip is to pack as light as possible. This fundamental rule of travel is especially true on a surf charter through the Mentawai Islands- when most of your time is spent in the water. Please click here to view our “Travel Information” page where you will find our list of “Essentials” – an extremely helpful checklist you should use for your trip.

What kind and how many boards should I take?

Most people bring 2-4 boards. Most people will ride their standard shortboards most of the time but a good idea to follow is to track the swell forecast before your trip and plan accordingly.

How long can I stay in Indonesia?

Most travelers coming from the US, Australia, and Europe are issued tourist visas upon arrival, but if you carry a passport from other countries it is worthwhile checking to see if you need a visa. The standard tourist VISA is applicable for up to 30 days. If you plan on staying longer in Indonesia you must apply for an extended stay VISA at your local Indonesian Embassy prior to departure or in Singapore.

Do I need travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is mandatory for your personal safety. The easiest way for United States customers to acquire travel insurance is through our travel partner, Jeff Samuelson, at Oceanview Travel. Travel Insurance packages start at $60 and go up. A decent travel insurance package will provide coverage for the following: trip cancellation and interruption, baggage delay, baggage coverage, travel delay, emergency medical and dental, emergency, medical transport and evacuation, and travel accident insurance.

What documents do I need to take?

Citizens of the United States or Australia need a passport with at least six months of validity left and one other form of identification.

Togat Nusa Retreat requires that we collect a copy of your passport information including the number, date of issue, and place of issue once you arrive into Indonesia so we can arrange the necessary harbor permits for your travel through the Mentawais. In case you misplace any vital documents you should also carry a back-up photocopy of your passport, id, and airline ticket with you at all times. It doesn’t hurt to leave another copy at home as well.

When you are in Indonesia you will be issued an immigration form that you must keep until your departure. When you leave they will ask to see it to determine how long you were in Indonesia. Please take care of that form once they give it to you.

The most important thing to remember on this list is to make sure that you have an updated passport and a valid VISA. You will not be permitted to enter Indonesia if your passport is going to expire within six months of your departure or if you are from a country that requires a special VISA to enter. Most people can take care of their VISA upon entering Indonesia including citizens of the United States and Australia but before you purchase your airline tickets please check with your local authorities to make sure you’re covered…

Can I recharge my video camera etc. at the resort?

The resort uses 220V electricity with 120V converters. you should be able to charge whatever you need but it doesn’t hurt to bring a converter set just in case. Be very careful before you plug anything in! If you have a concern please consult our Island Manager on site for help and information according to device. IPods should be charged through a computer only! No hairdryers please!

Do you have fishing and/or diving gear at the Retreat?

We have some fishing equipment at the resort, but if you are a keen fisherman bring some of your own lures and maybe your own casting rod.
If you must bring your own spear gun there is a risk of it being confiscated by customs. We suggest you break it into it’s components and separate them in your baggage.

If you’d like to snorkel please bring your own equipment for sanitary reasons.

Can I be contacted while I am at the Retreat?

The retreat currently uses a variety of ways to stay in touch with the outside world. Most guests prefer to bring their own computers with their own Skype accounts and talk online. However, we offer two ways to make calls, one through our Skype connection.

Can I check my emails while at the Retreat?

Wireless Internet is available in the Bar/restaurant area for guests to email, skype and check surf reports. The price is RP. 700,000 for unlimited access, for those with their own computer, otherwise RP. 50,000/half hr, to use the house computer.

We encourage most people to use their personal laptops in their bungalows if you’d like to get online. If you don’t want to bring along a laptop there are a few computers at the resort available to check surf reports, send e-mails, and make phone calls.

What is your policy on illegal substances?

Our operation is drug free. Indonesia has some of the strictest laws against drug use, drug trafficking, drug anything! Togat Nusa Retreat does not condone drug use in any form at our resort – guests who are found to be using drugs at the resort will be asked to leave immdeiately. It’s just not worth the hassle and trouble! Our policy is simple – no drugs allowed… please.

Can you give me an idea of how many other people I will be surfing with?

This question really depends on where you want to surf. It is possible to get away from the main spots and surf in solitude – everything really depends on the conditions for that day and the consensus among the group. The “shoulder months of March, October, and November are a great time to get good waves and escape the activity of summer!

How much money do I need to take?

Once you get to the resort all you have to focus on is getting as many good waves as possible. Most of our guests bring extra money for the following reasons:

  • Traveling Money: $150US
  • Souvenir money: $50US
  • VISA money: $25US
  • Mentawai Tax – $40 (collected in Padang)
  • Money for tipping the staff: 5% of the total trip cost is average.
  • Beer and Alcohol : ?$

What happens if my flight is delayed or my boards don't make it?

Fortunately we rarely encounter problems with our guests boards. In the rare instance that your boards do not make it we still send the trip out on schedule and make arrangements with one of our boats or another boat to rendezvous with you and drop off your boards.

If your flight is delayed we react accordingly but since most of our groups are whole group charters if one person is delayed, the whole groups is delayed and it makes everything that much easier to cope with

Should I be concerned about Malaria?

It is a matter of personal choice whether to take anti- malarial medication. Malaria is endemic in some of the places you will be visiting.

Is there a photographer available for my trip??

From time to time we have guests photographers at the retreat… All of these programs are handled directly at the retreats.

The best advice when packing for a retreat is to pack as light as possible.

The following list is divided into two categories: In the Water and Out of the Water. Feel free to add whatever you need!

Please note: The most important thing to remember on this list is to make sure that you have an updated passport and a valid VISA. You will not be permitted to enter Indonesia if your passport is going to expire within six months of your departure or if you are from a country that requires a special VISA to enter. Most people can take care of their VISA upon entering Indonesia including citizens of the United States and Australia but before you purchase your airline tickets please check with your local authorities to make sure you’re covered.

Out of the Water

  • airline tickets
  • cash (crisp, new bills)
  • comb or brush (optional)
  • credit cards
  • deodorant (optional)
  • ding repair kit / sun cure
  • driver’s license
  • electricity adaptor (optional)
  • energy snacks (optional)
  • eyeglasses
  • laptop computer (optional)
  • zip drive (for photos)
  • long sleeve t-shirt
  • malaria medication (optional)
  • moisturizer (optional)
  • mosquito repellant with dht
  • multi-board travel bag
  • nail clippers (optional)
  • pain medicine (optional)
  • pants (1)
  • passport
  • prescription medicine
  • sandals
  • shampoo
  • shaving kit
  • shoes (1)
  • shorts (3)
  • soap
  • socks (3)
  • sunglasses
  • surf towel (1)
  • t-shirts (3-4)
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • travel backpack
  • visa (if necessary)
  • yoga mat

In the Water

  • boardshorts (3)
  • fin keys (3)
  • fin sets (4)
  • helmet (optional)
  • leashes (5)
  • leash teathers
  • rash guard (long or short)
  • reef booties (optional)
  • snorkeling gear
  • surfboard(s)
  • surf hat (optional)
  • sunblock
  • tropical surf wax
  • wax comb