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Togatnusa Retreat

Mid year photo blast and a story from one of our guests!

A story by one of our guests, Leah Dawson

“Ive been surfing for almost 3 decades. My perpetual lifelong dream of being on a remote island with perfect waves and kind humans finally came true, the moment I arrived to Togat Nusa. With butterflies of amazement, the beauty of the driftwood architecture captivated my awe, as if I was living my childhood fantasies of a real-life Swiss Family Robinson experience, except exchange the waterfall waterslide with majestic world-class waves. ’This place is Heaven on Earth’ I thought as I walked through the vibrant island jungle on the way to our bungalow. I could feel the love emanating from each structure, every ‘building’ felt alive, recycled, purposed. Every day it seemed I would notice a new detail in the common area, I often found myself staring into the space of different pieces of wood on the ceiling. Each day when the food was served, I would watch in amazement as joyful employees would come out of the kitchen bearing meals of grandeur.

One could easily forget we are on a tiny island out in the middle of the ocean. The Mentawai’s have grown in population and amenities as the surf world has continued to discover and revisit its extensive pot of surf gold. Yet Togat Nusa remains a family-style oasis with a wave that not many surf when its good. The reef in front of the island had me feeling like I was a kid again.

I’ve honestly never surfed that much in my life! I had 5 days where I surfed 8 or 9 hours. Time on land with the other visitors and the staff of Togat sharing meals, playing music, enjoying the animals, was surely an incredible recharge for the long days bobbing in the sea for waves.

Being at Togat Nusa is surely a time to be cherished, and a reminder that beautiful places and people exist on our beloved planet.”

Photos from June / July 2019

TogatNusa Yoga Deck

Yoga in the tropics

A Big Hello from Paradise Island

The off-season is not for relaxing, and John has been busy.

The new yoga barn is done and ready for action:)

Nothing will sort out your stiff muscles after 5 hours of surfing like Yoga in the tropics. Surf all day, and yoga to reset the balance, you know you want to.

Mentawai Surf Season 2019

Anyone say surf trip?

A Big Hello from Paradise Island

Well it is almost that time of year , a few more weeks and we are ready to open for our 9 season.

John and I  are looking forward to sharing paradise with all of you set to return this season.

It has been a gorgeous off-season.

John has of course been busy being creative and finishing up a few construction projects.

Our new yoga space is finished.

Looking forward to many yoga classes this year , of course there are some amazing teachers scheduled to come out.

We want to thank you for being are part of our lives and your continual positive energy and support .

Bring on the 2019 season!!