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Big hellos from Paradise island !

Well we hope everyone got the year off right, wave season is upon us and we are gathering momentum over here, this year we are opening early in March.

It has been a relatively calm off season with minimal rain, but we are now ready and excited to get going and surf!

This will be our tenth season open, and look forward to seeing you all. We have a colourful group of people lined up for Yoga, Guiding and Photos.

We are still running our early booking specials, for a few more weeks if you want to take advantage of the discounts.

Look forward to catching some waves with you all!

John and Ainsley   

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  • Christian Johns - “CJ” says:

    Hey Guys,
    I hope this message finds you healthy and well. It looks like you’ve carved out a slice of paradise. Myself and a couple friends have been researching new surf destinations and I came upon Togatnusa.

    My first question: I just turned 50 in Feb, I would not call myself a beginner surfer, more like an intermediate when I’m in shape and off the ice cream – ha!! Hard when I have to be honest about my abilities, esp after being an athlete my entire life.

    I’m a goofyfooter, so the left out front “Scarecrows” had me drooling. It looks like it has a little something for everyone?

    In terms of time of year I was looking at the shoulder season months of April/May or Sept/Oct. My thought being I could still score really fun waves but avoid some of the crowds and huge days where I may get pulverized into the reef.

    I love to fish, spearfish, and bodysurf and been dabbling into some yoga. Not so easy for me considering I’m built like a condensed version of a silverback. Ha!!!

    Seriously, the retreat looks like paradise and I’ve love to make it there to meet you guys and surf my brains out.

    Are you allowed to enter with a speargun/pole spear if broken into pieces? Do you guys have a spare gun that I could use if necessary? Same question for fishing gear.

    Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated. When it comes to some board recommendations, etc etc. I have some nice boards that I think could work but I’d like to hear from you.

    I’d be coming from New York. I’d bring you some Hagen Daz or Carvel if I could figure out how to keep it frozen. 🤣

    Look forward to hearing from you. Hope you’re doing well.



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