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Early booking & Last year’s videos

By February 25, 2023Island News

Aloha from Paradise Island!

We are excited to see you all again this year and meet the new folks making their first trip to Togat Nusa Retreat.

Pre-booking and rates:

The stormy season has almost passed, and we’re busy making everything perfect for opening in April 2023.   If you haven’t booked your Mentawai Islands dream vacation yet, we encourage you to take advantage of our pre-booking rates – last year’s rates are available until the end of March 2023.

This year we are offering you (one person) a free trip if you find seven friends to book the whole island.  Do note, being able to book the whole island requires you to plan and reserve 6-12 months ahead.   The 8-person max is about beds and counts one person per bed in the four bungalows.

If you want to organise with a couple/few more people, ie: couples or kids sharing, do reach out, as our recently updated bungalow 3 can host two couples and a single.  It has 3 bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, and pretty much a private beach with a view of Scarecrows from the front deck.  Come celebrate your Birthday, Wedding or any other special occasion – we are memory makers!

Please check the Schedule & Pricing page, for this year’s and next year’s trips, to find the right dates for you.  It’s never too early to create something exciting to look forward to.

It’s also seeming like the days of booking flights last minute to get a deal are over, do consult with your favourite travel agent, or contact one of the booking agents we recommend here, who have endless experience getting folks out to the remote Mentawai Islands to surf and relax.

Other Bits of Island News:

We are happy to report our Chef has spent a few months in Bali over our offseason, eating and cooking with different people, and coming up with new items for our menu.   Along with that, John’s organic permaculture gardens are producing more goodies than ever – it should be an extra delicious season around here.

Possibly the most exciting news to report from this offseason, we have a new Coral Restoration Project happening in the lagoon.  Keep an eye on this page for an update on what’s happening and how you can get involved.

Last Year’s Videos:

In case you missed the posts on our Youtube account or Instagram, here are a couple of videos from last year:

The Perfect Line-Up – If you haven’t been here yet, this is what to expect in your front yard. Big thanks to Hatsumi for the video!


A beautifully put-together short of Paradise Island and the waves at Scarecrows out front.
This is Island Life here at Togat Nusa Retreat.


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